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What is InfoSource?

InfoSource is a data management platform designed for beverage alcohol suppliers to get the most value out of their data investments.

The platform consolidates siloed data sources, delivering flexible ad hoc reporting tools, intuitive visualizations, and automated data mapping to eliminate the need for time-consuming data preparation tasks prior to insight development. 

What's the bev alc data problem?

The beverage alcohol industry's 3-tier system causes data silos that limit your ability to grasp a complete view of the market and make data-driven decisions. Aligning your data sources eliminates these silos and unlocks a full picture, enabling you to:

  • Reduce errors and inaccurate insights

  • Spot hidden market opportunities and patterns 

  • Increase speed to insight

Can we handle this project in-house?

The substantial investment required for this in-house project in terms of time, cost of ownership, infrastructure, and staff is often greatly underestimated.

With InfoSource, you gain instant access to a team of experienced data scientists and insight experts who specialize in the beverage alcohol industry.

Save your valuable time and money, let us handle the tedious data wrangling so you can focus on implementing the actionable insights that will keep you ahead in this competitive bev-alc market.

How does InfoSource help alcohol suppliers?
InfoSource helps alcohol brands by with a centralized data management platform. We automate data source mapping, accelerate data refresh speeds, and provide a custom report builder for ad hoc analytics. This streamlines data management, reduces time to insight, and boosts productivity, allowing brands to cut down the time from data to decision-making.
How do I get started?

To turn your data into your competitive advantage, get started by meeting with one of our experts to discuss your current challenges and data management process. Together, we’ll construct a tailored roadmap for your alcohol brand that begins with centralizing your data management and ends with actionable intelligence that uniquely leads you to growth.

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