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What We Offer

Market intelligence, sales-enablement tools,
and data solutions for the alcohol industry.

InfoSource is built on a powerful system of AI, machine learning, and data science that is
constantly mining insights from the most comprehensive landscape of industry data.

We turn your blind spots into opportunities.


“InfoSource provides our collective of independent craft breweries with sales intelligence solutions that make us smarter and more nimble.

Their technology is world-class and easy to use, and it allows our commercial teams to quickly identify market opportunities and provide actionable data insights to our partners throughout the three-tier system. The resources and support that the InfoSource team delivers help us to compete at a much higher level and, ultimately, more effectively grow our topline and market share.”

Chris Russell
Chief Commercial Officer, CANarchy

The path to intelligent
selling with InfoSource

Understand consumer demand at the neighborhood level and always get
the right product, to the right store, at the right time.

Louise Patton

It all starts with the most accurate, timely, and comprehensive data landscape available across on and off prem, chains and independents. We bring data together from all corners of the industry and make it accessible so that the information you need is available at your fingertips. 

Micheal Barton
Louise Patton

We know that most alcohol businesses do not have a team of analysts at the helm, so we built a powerful system of AI, machine-learning, and data science to organize this mountain of information and glean meaningful insights in near-real time. This is how we make our intelligence actionable.

Angela Brooks
Louise Patton

With data as the shared language, we can facilitate in-market execution and cross-tier alignment like never before. We’re bringing our insights into the tools and technology that teams are already using, making it easier than ever to fundamentally shift how your organization does business. 

Never used data before? No problem.

Have an army of analysts? They’re going to love us.

Not sure where to start? Take our data assessment.


Infosource also offers enterprise data solutions.

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