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Encompass Technologies and InfoSource Announce Partnership to Digitally Connect the Three Tiers

Encompass Technologies announced a new partnership with InfoSource® aimed at bringing competitive insights to its user base. InfoSource®, a division of Financial Information Technologies LLC (Fintech), provides targeted consumer demand intelligence designed for the beverage industry. The partnership furthers the shared goal of bringing together disparate datasets in order for the industry to move forward as a whole.

A growing economy and fragmentation in the marketplace means tracking retail beverage trends has more variables than ever before. Each of the three tiers has its own metric for success without a means of communicating those trends up or down the supply chain. By bringing the separate datasets together, producers, distributors, and retailers can access a complete canvas of information to make data-driven decisions. The insights provided through the single-source database can be utilized without needing a designated data scientist or devoting considerable employee hours deciphering the data.

“With data as the shared language, we can facilitate in-market execution and cross-tier alignment like never before. This partnership will allow us to deliver actionable insights into the tools and technology that sales teams are already using, making it easier than ever to enact organizational change and influence the market,” said Sameer Mungur, Chief Data Officer at Fintech, InfoSource.

The partnership is made possible through the Encompass PartnerLink Program, which enables third-party hardware and software vendors to integrate solutions with the growing Encompass Network. The goal of the program is to provide customers with the best possible solutions in the market while moving the industry forward through true collaboration. InfoSource is building the most comprehensive, competitive landscape of beverage alcohol sales data, and mining insights from a powerful system of AI, machine learning, and data science. By integrating the InfoSource platform with Encompass, our industry partners will be able to receive targeted, actionable insights regarding the buying behaviors of their consumers. This process will free staff from the minutiae of managing multiple datasets, and allow them to pursue revenue-driving opportunities.

“Fintech is a first-class organization, so it is no surprise that InfoSource is able to bring such a modern and dynamic approach to market intelligence to the industry. This partnership allows InfoSource to bring an advanced data analytics product to the supplier/distributor community that is far superior to the competition,” said Bill Kraich, VP of eCommerce at Encompass Technologies.