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Market Intelligence Designed for the Beverage Industry

InfoSource® predicts consumer demand and provides the competitive insights you need to grow your business. No analyst required.

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Power your alcohol sales with the most comprehensive, competitive data landscape available in the industry.

We're democratizing data to accelerate growth at any size.

Predict Consumer Demand
Predict Consumer Demand

With hyperlocal views across on-premise and independents.

Identify Microtrends
Identify Microtrends

AI/ML-driven insights mined from near-real time transactions.

Inform Innovation
Inform Innovation

Unique product attribution to see what’s really driving purchases.

Optimize sales
Optimize Sales

Data-driven tools for cross-tier alignment and seamless execution.

Beat the Competition
Beat the Competition

Competitive insights and granular sales data from all tiers and retail channels.


The Industry is Changing. Let’s Get Ahead of It.

Consumer behavior is shifting, category lines are blurring, there are more products fighting for shelf space than ever before, and fragmented data has made it nearly impossible to understand what’s really driving demand.

That’s where InfoSource comes in.

We’re tackling the big problems behind the scenes so that businesses like yours can have easy access to the insights you need to sell more alcohol.

Data is Complicated. We’re Making it Simple.